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Actress Yvonne Nelson Allegedly Gets Married In Secret

To the surprise of everyone, actress Yvonne Nelson has reportedly met her Mr. Right – and she has decided to maintain him under wraps for the time being.

In accordance with material circulated on the internet by Ghana’s “information minister,” the modern-day Yaa Asantewaa has taken his last trip down the aisle.

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

In a private ceremony, according to television personality Adu Safowaa, Yvonne has made her way down the aisle to get married.

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The fact that Safowaa, along with another player named Ayisha Modi, has the largest mouth in the game is the reason why we’ve nicknamed her the information minister.

Safowaa went to Instagram this morning at the crack of dawn to announce Yvonne’s surprise wedding.

She posted a picture of the actress, who looked beautiful in a red dress and seemed to be as happy as a human being can possibly be, on Instagram.

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“Congratulations, odo,” Safowaa said in the description of her picture. I’m madly in love with you. The right to privacy prevails. #HappyMarriedlife“

Yvonne Nelson seems to have learned some valuable lessons from her previous unsuccessful engagement with photographer Jamie Roberts, who was the father of her child in the United Kingdom.

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During that time period, every single detail of her personal life was made public on the internet for the benefit of everyone.

In addition, individuals were able to provide information on the guy as a result of this.

It came out he had a wife hidden someplace in Nigeria and several kids which made Yvonne an object of public mockery.

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